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An engineered and developed race car that is manufactured in quantity to make it both cheaper to build and fully sorted and reliable from the moment it hits the track. Just like a factory race car from BMW, Porsche or Audi. The initial version is designed to compete in the NASA ST2 and ST3, NASA GTS or WRL.



The B46 Race Program is two things:

A complete support ecosystem for the car after it has left our facility that includes software and technical updates, a user manual, recommended setups, an inventory of replacement parts available at discounted pricing, engineering support and a parts trailer at select tracks to reduce logistics for car owners.


B46 Full Technical Specs

Base Price - $151,000


22 or 26 gallon Center Mounted Fuel Cell - $6500

Holinger SG3 Paddle Shift Transmission - $25,000

Ohlins TTX Pro B46 Spec Dampers - $4200



  • BMW B48D 2.0l 4-cylinder direct turbocharged engine with direct and port injection. 

  • Up to 400whp/ 410 lbft with easily changeable power maps (340whp for ST2 spec)

  • Motec M142 Engine Management System

  • STROM oil pan baffle, valvetronic lockout, CNC motor mounts, dipstick add-on, port injection

  • IM450 Ceramic Ball Bearing turbo with larger cast manifold

  • STROM Stainless Race Exhaust


  • ZF 6 speed manual transmission with “autoblip” seamless rev match downshifting

  • Kinematic Shifter 

  • TTV Racing 184mm dual plate clutch and lightweight flywheel

  • Optional Hollinger 6-speed sequential with pneumatic paddle shifting

  • Tilton/Strom B48 lightweight race flywheel with 5.5” twin-plate clutch 

  • STROM rebuilt differential - 3.38 ratio with Kaaz Super Q 1.5-way LSD

Software Features

  • 3 Mode Adjustable Antilag for immediate throttle response and no boost drop on upshifts

  • 8 Mode Adjustable Motorsport Calibrated Traction Control

  • 3 Mode Adjustable Throttle sensitivity

  • Multiple engine maps available for different classing and fuel options plus 8 power sticks for easily adjustable power levels within a map

  • Advanced Diagnostics for driver and engineer feedback of engine faults without having to connect a laptop

  • Power Module status screen with voltages and current draw for every car system

  • Multiple driver display screen options with different forms of predictive lap time and performance feedback


  • STROM Radiator stack with C&R E46 M3 Engine Radiator

  • Mishimoto Dual Pass Intercooler Radiator

  • Setrab ProLine COM Dual Pass 5-Row Oil Cooler

  • Setrab Oil Cooler and 340cfm fan for Differential Cooling

  • Servo Thermostat for selectable engine temperature modes

  • Electric Coolant pump for turbo after run cooling

  • BMW F22 Expansion tanks


  • Brembo 355mm 6 piston Pista brakes with selectable thickness rotors 32mm (sprint) or 35mm (endurance) with Racetech RE10 Brake Pads

  • Factory Rear 325mm with PFC332 Brake Pads

  • Tilton 800 series floor mounted pedal assembly with driver cockpit adjustable brake bias and bias feedback system

Suspension/ Steering

  • Apex VS-5RS 18x10.5” ET33 wheels made exclusively for the B46

  • Hydro-Electric Power Steering with Quick Ratio Steering Rack

  • BMW F30 adjustable steering column

  • MCS Double Adjustable Remote Reservoir Dampers

  • Optional Ohlins TTX Pro Suspension Package

  • E46 M3 front control arms

  • SPL Rear lower control arms

  • All spherical bearings

  • Hotchkis Adjustable Sway bars


  • Fully Reinforced and stitch welded chassis with STROM weld in brackets and mounts for factory level integration

  • Bimmerworld/ RCI CNC Roll Cage with added front shock tower integration

  • Lang Racing Carbon Fiber Roof

  • Krontec Airjack Pneumatic Car Lift

  • Optional STROM 22 or 26 gallon fuel cell in stock location

  • Bimmerworld Carbon Splitter

  • Aeromotions lightweight B46 Specific wing

  • Formed Polycarbonate rear windows

  • STROM front dive planes

  • M3 Front Bumper with integrated brake ducting

  • Includes STROM B46 wrap or an owner provided wrap scheme

Interior/ Electronics

  • STROM Race Wheel with CAN Integration and backlighting

  • Dual ADU ECU Master Displays with advanced car integration

  • ECUMaster PMU24 Solid State Power Module with mil-spec chassis wiring

  • ECUMaster Solid state battery disconnect with low battery and overcurrent protection

  • Racetech 4119 Seat

  • Schroth Enduro 6 Point 2x2 Belts

  • Lifeline 2.25kg Zero 360 Electronic Fire System

Fuel System

  • Upgraded in tank pumps and fuel pressure regulation 

  • Optional 22 or 26 gallon fuel cell mounted in the stock tank position. Rear seat section cut out and laser cut plate and covers added

  • B48D stock fuel injectors and high pressure pump 

  • STROM B48 port injection system for better high rpm performance and higher threshold of available power

Screenshot 2024-02-13 102837.png


*Power to weight is per NASA Super Touring average horsepower rules and 200 pound driver


We will be adding more details and info soon. Follow us on Instagram and Youtube for new videos and information or message us below for inquires.

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