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About Us

Strom Motorsports is a full service race shop and support team that competes in many race series including SRO, Creventic, NASA, SCCA, WRL and Lucky Dog. Our extensive experience across multiple brands and platforms has given us unique incite into the engineering and challenges of modern race cars.


In building and designing race cars we have frequent opportunities to see which parts work, and which clearly don't. We have tried nearly every brand available and the brands we sell on this site are the brands we use on our own builds. In addition through iteration we have created parts that help ease the building of race cars so less things have to be custom or handmade in your own builds.


Thus the Strom Motorsports parts website is a collection of parts we make in house and the brands we use in building our own race cars. We did all the testing so you don't have to and can shop with confidence that what you are buying from us works.

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