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Complete E46 Air Jack Kit comes with:


Krontec LL-24-230 Lifting Jacks x 3

Krontec Air Jack Valve LL-16-Plus

Krontec LL-03 Air Lance


Krontec LL-24-230 Lifting Jacks  - High Performance "Springless Retract" Motorsport Air Jack Includes an integrated safety blow off valve to protect the unit from incorrect use or abuse by overpressure.


Air Jack Valve LL-16-Plus - Used for Krontec air jack system as used on our STROM B46 race cars and Pro BMW, Audi and Porsche race cars among many others. Considered the standard when it comes to air jack systems. The plus version includes "easy push" slow release button. Comes with -6AN Male fitting.


Krontec LL-03 Air Lance -  Used for lifting cars. Comes with M16x1.5


Check out our Air Jack Mounting Kit for BMW E46 Chassis to make it easy to mount and use (link to product).


Complete E46 Air Jack Kit

SKU: Airjack-Kit
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