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PMU-24 DL Power Management Unit 

The PMU-24 DL is a new and enhanced Power Management Unit featuring all of the amazing functionality of the PMU-16, now with 24 high-side outputs and internal data logging memory as standard. Through clever engineering, 8 of the analog inputs may be utilized as 7 amp high side outputs. As standard with the PMU-16 series, all output states, voltage, and current information are able to be transmitted via CAN bus to a dash display to inform the driver of potential problems. In addition, all internally logged data can be downloaded from the device for later analysis.



170 Amp continuous current capacity.  
Operating voltage: 6-22V (immunity to transients according to ISO 7637) 
Temperature range: AECQ-100 GRADE 1, -40 to +125°C. 
10x 25 Amp high-side power outputs (PWM capable). 
6x 15 Amp high-side power outputs. 
8x 7 Amp high-side power outputs. 
Up to 16 analog inputs. 
24x tricolor LED for each power output state. 
2x CAN 2.0 A/B. 
256 MB data logger memory. 
Up to 500 Hz logging frequency. 
Real-time clock for data stamping. 
3D accelerometer/gyroscope. 
Built-in “inertia switch” in case of an accident. 
Easy access to CAN-bus data (imports and exports). 
Internal data processing using logical functions, numbers,
timers, and tables.
Custom PID controllers. 
Fully customizable ”logic” for each output. 
Flexible and intuitive client software.



Option to add:

USB to CAN Module is used to communicate between your PC and the ECUMaster PMU. Multiple devices can be connected via CAN, and a single connection can be used to communicate with all devices at once (for example: race vehicles using multiple PMU units)





ECUMASTER PMU-24 DL Power Management Unit

PriceFrom $1,849.00
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