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Used on our B46 race cars and SpecE46 the KAAZ LSD has proven to be reliable and effective. Tested up to 470lb/ft of torque. We recommend the 1.5way version for road racing. Have never had to rebuild one yet so we are unsure how long they last before a rebuild but it seems to be a very long time! We only sell these with the SuperQ option as it needs less of a break in.

If you have a track only car we still recommend doign a gentle 10 minute session at about 50-70% for inital break in to allow the clutch plates to bed in. 


*Not recommonded for street. This is a proper race LSD and will clunk around low speed corners at low load. 



A 1.5-way limited-slip differential is the most common LSD upgrade option in performance and race cars. It is referred to as a 1.5-way because it functions under acceleration and to a lesser extent under deceleration. It provides differential locking characteristics under acceleration, maximizing power distribution to the wheels that need it most. Under deceleration, the 1.5-way LSD engages to assist in braking stability and smoother turn-in.


  • Part# DBW3020-SQ
  • For BMW 188K differentials
  • Only works with 3.46 and 3.38 final gear ratio
  • 12 Plates for medium power levels
  • 1.5 way
  • Fits cars equipped without factory LSD option
  • Super Q Option


SuperQ units feature reduced chattering and smoother engagement for an enhanced driving experience. With the help of WPC metal treatment, SuperQ limited-slip differentials also come with better heat dissipation and longer wear life with no break-in process required.




KAAZ 1.5 Way Differential for BMW non-M 3 Series E46 with Super Q Option

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