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We use these Premium Studs and Nuts exclusively on our BMW race cars. They have greater strength and durability than standard Street studs. 82mm studs work with no spacers or up to a 15mm spacer with full nut engagement.


Bimmerworld stud's specs are truly impressive: heat-treated, 12.9 grade, high-tensile 190,000 psi strength, Chromoly steel, which is shot-peened for additional strength and individually double magnaflux inspected. Additional design features help prevent the typical stress risers caused by threading the stud into a steel hub. The threads are phosphate and oil coated, and are rolled instead of cut which results in a smoother engagement with fewer imperfections. Anaerobic threadlocker is pre-applied which eliminates the need for additional Loctite. The black wheel nuts are zinc coated to resist corrosion, and they have a M12x1.5 thread and 60 degree taper to fit all BMW-applicable wheels.


Package includes 20 studs, 20 lug nuts, and 2 stud install nuts.


Product Note: These wheel studs are intended for track/race applications where frequent wheel changes occur. These studs do not have a cosmetic finish applied. If used on street applications, especially in the winter, light surface oxidation/discoloration may occur. 

M12x1.5 82mm BimmerWorld Premium Race Wheel Stud/Black Nut Package

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