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This new wheel stud was made exclusively for BimmerWorld by one of America's leading manufacturers of race fasteners to their exacting specifications. Wheel studs are not a one time purchase and do fatigue with torque cycles and use, however they noticed shorter lifespans than expected in our race program with other studs. Further analysis showed stress risers created by screwing studs into the steel hub flange. They addressed this issue in several ways:


  • Large shoulder provides extra strength and is properly sized for BMW brake rotor hats
  • Undercut relief to remove thread run-out section of stud that the steel hub would otherwise cut into
  • All corners radiused to eliminate stress risers


M14x1.25 for BMW F-chassis. Heat treated 190,000psi Chromoly-steel, shot-peened, and double magnaflux inspected. This is a true professional quality stud. bullet nose feature allows easy starting for lug nuts - in hot pit situations they can be air-gunned on. Uses M14x1.5 wheel nut.


Available in 73mm, 82mm or 92mm total length includes bullet nose and threads into hub using a "Dri-Loc" locking adhesive for an extremely secure fit.


Wheel studs for all F-chassis M2, M3, M4, M5, and M6 as well as non-M 2-series, 3-series, 4-series, 5-series, 6-series, 7-series, X-series, and Z-series that use the 14x1.25 bolt thread (BMW #36136781151 or 36136774896). Also fits E70 X5 and E71 X6.


  • Hub thread length - 14mm
  • Nut thread length (to hub face) - 42mm
  • Hub face to stud nose - 59mm


Even though the stud threads into the 14x1.25 hub (like the factory bolts), the wheel-side of the stud is 14x1.5 thread size. The coarser thread is faster and 14x1.5 nuts are more easily available.


Product Note: These wheel studs are intended for track/race applications where frequent wheel changes occur. These studs do not have a cosmetic finish applied. If used on street applications, especially in the winter, light surface oxidation/discoloration may occur. 

M14 Premium 82mm BimmerWorld Race Bullet Nose Wheel Stud

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