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Performance Friction 331 compound racing brake pads - great pads on ABS-equipped track cars.


Race pads with smooth initial bite, stable friction with slight taper as temperature rises, and excellent release and modulation characteristics. Works very well on endurance-type cars with ABS.


The 331 is used on our pro cars typically in endurance environments (extremely long lifespan) where avoiding a pad change in the pits, as well as tire wear and tire performance over longer stints, is critical.

PFC 331 Characteristics:
+ Smooth initial bite
+ Stable-digressive torque throughout temperature range
+ Excellent release and modulation
+ Exceptional wear rates
+ Low disc wear
+ Ideal for endurance and extended track day use

PFC 331 Racing Front Brake Pads - E82, E36, E46, E9X, E34, E39, E32, MZ3, Z4M

SKU: 394.331.20.44
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