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Performance Friction 332 compound racing brake pads - ideal for sprints and medium distance racing (stock rear calipers)


PFC’s 332 compound has similar characteristics to the old 06 compound and its biggest attribute is the smooth torque and excellent release behavior. The 332 compound is ultra smooth and developed to reduce wheel locking at the end of a stop. Drivers who trail brake into corners will appreciate the smooth release of these pads. 332 is a sprint and medium distance friction compound.

The mission of Performance Friction is to provide the optimal pad compound for each application that they make. Rather than the “shotgun” method of developing every pad in every compound, PFC builds the correct pad to suit the venue it is designed for.

  • Improved initial bite
  • Ultimate modulation and release
  • Reduced wheel locking
  • Superior disk conditioning
  • Ideal for sprint and medium distance

PFC 332 Racing Rear Brake Pads - E30 M3, E36, E46, E9X, Z3, Z4

SKU: 396.332.17.44
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