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Add a real oil cooler to your B48D engine!

This precisely machined part replaces the water to oil heat exchanger on a B48D/ B46D engine. This allows oil to be routed out to a separate oil cooler at the front of the car to help both your water and oil temps. We do not include the oil cooler itself in this kit as it can be used on many different cars. It does include -8 AN Banjo fittings and hollow bolts as pictured to make it as low profile as possible coming off the engine. The plate itself has M16x1.5mm threaded holes.


Contact us if yo uwant to buy the plate without any fittings.


Fits any vehicle that uses the 11428580414 Oil Filter Housing. Does not include a new gasket as BMW does not sell it independently. 


Currently used on:

STROM B46 with B48D engine

BMW G20 330i

Toyota Supra 2.0

BMW G29 Z4 30i

STROM B48D Oil Cooler Plate

SKU: 99.00036
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