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Kit includes: ECUMaster Advanced Display Unit 7”,  ECUMaster USB to CAN Module + STROM E36 or E46 ADU7 Mount (discounted as part of package)


ECUMaster Advanced Display Unit  7” features high resolution, high visibility anti-glare screens, guaranteeing perfect visibility in any lighting conditions. The ADU comes with multiple pre-configured pages, which can be customized by the end user to display data required at every race stage (e.g. practice, qualification, race, troubleshooting, etc.). Pages may be changed manually or automatically (based on defined conditions). Each channel displayed on a page (gauges, icons, texts, etc.) can be easily modified in real time using user-friendly Windows based software. Their comprehensive overlay system facilitates a multiple page display for important data (e.g. low oil pressure, best lap, etc.) independent of the actual page displayed.


Additional ADU7 Info


USB to CAN Module is used to communicate between your PC and the ECUMaster PMU. Multiple devices can be connected via CAN, and a single connection can be used to communicate with all devices at once (for example: race vehicles using multiple PMU units)


STROM ADU7 Mount - Easy mounting for an ECUMaster ADU7 display in your E36 or E46. 

Seperate listings for mounts:

E46 Instrument Cluster Mount

E46 Center Vent Mount

E36 Center Vent Mount



STROM ADU7 + Mount Package for E36 or E46

SKU: 99.00072
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