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Complete Air Jack Mounting Kit for BMW E46 Chassis. As used on our B46 race cars builds. This kit makes it as easy as possible to provide mountings and tubes for Krontec air jacks and a lifting valve.



  • 3 STROM 60mm Air Jack mounting tubes

  • Laser cut and pre-bent Brackets/Reinforcements for two front and one rear air jack tube on an E46 Coupe chassis. Will likely also fit a Sedan but this has not been verified.

  • Also includes trunk mounting bracket and plastic trim piece for pass through on trunk for valve. 

  • DOES NOT INCLUDE - Krontec Air jacks, Fittings, Air valve. We are working on a kit that will include alumnium hard line, fittings and Tees.


To be used with x3 Krontec LL-24-230 Lifting Jacks (link to product) and LL-16-Plus (link to product) Valve

Also will need a Krontec LL-03 Air Lance (link to product).

Complete Air Jack Kit (link to product)


Contact us with questions.

STROM E46 Air Jack Mounting Kit

SKU: 99.00017
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