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The complete package as used on our B46 race cars as well as many other car builds. Backlit with adjustable brightness for day or night racing. We have developed this wheel over the last 3 years and it has seen over 20 revisions to become the reliable and versatile unit it is now. Designed with our own integrated circuit board and milspec buttons for long term reliability. This steering wheel package combines the best steering wheel we have used, with the best and most reliable steering wheel disconnect and the super versatile ECUMaster CAN Switchboard. 


Can be combined with our Motec or ECUMaster programming to communicate with Power Distribution Modules, Displays, Engine Management Systems etc. 


Includes the following:

  • OMP 310 GT steering wheel (link)

  • Rennline Steering wheel quick disconnect in black (link)

  • STROM steering wheel cover with backlighting and buttons

  • ECUMASTER CAN Switchboard (link)

Comes with a super high quality Cable Science 6 conductor coily cord:

Connections are:

  • 12V

  • Ground

  • CAN High

  • CAN Low

  • Radio button

  • Radio button ground

STROM Full Race Steering Wheel with CAN Bus

SKU: 99.00001
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