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Also available in all 4 physical stores at Wine Country Motorsports!


Designed by racers, the SauberLuft was developed from the need for clean air in long endurance races. With testing and use, however, it soon developed into a unit that signficantly improves the performance of a driver even in sprint racing through active cooling of inlet air and filtering of dust and hydrocarbons. 


10-20% of body heat is radiated or evaporated through the head during exercise. Wearing a helmet blocks nearly all of this heat transfer and stops evaporative cooling. The SauberLuft forces air through your helmet, allowing your brain to work properly and improving the performance of your whole body.



  • Counter-Rotating fan module with fan speed controller. Can pull up to 9 amps and create 1150 PA or 0.16 psi of pressure into your helmet. Most fan systems lose all pressure when they dead head into a helmet. The positive pressure not only cools your head and evaporates sweat but it also keeps dust out.
  • Integrated alumnium dual-pass radiator can use any cooled fluid (Chillout, Coolboxx, Generic ice chest) to actively cool the driver's head. We consistently see air temps drop by 25F degrees from ambient and up to 40F degrees with an ice chest. 



SauberLuft - Helmet Air System by STROM

SKU: 99.00002
    • 4 feet of 1.5" Helmet ducting and adapter for Stilo helmet fitting
    • 5 feet of 3" ducting for air inlet to unit (usually from a NACA duct)
    • Selective Laser Sintered Nylon 3D parts for strength and lightness
    • Counter-rotating high-powered fans
    • OEM grade carbon microfilter 
    • Fan speed controller with harness for as much or as little air as you need
    • Power harness with built-in fuse and ring terminals
    • Aluminium radiator with barb fittings for easy connections to standard cool shirt systems
    • Aluminium universal cage mount with clamps and rubber cage protector
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