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After trying nearly every mirror on the market we came across the SuperCar mirror and found it to be an order of magnitude better than the rest. No more broken rear view mirrors and you can actually see out of it with minimal distortion while still offering a fantastic wide angle view.


This version is for the vinyl shell with a black brushed finish and weighs 12.8oz. Overall mirror length is 17.7" in a 2.36" height. The convex mirror gives a 160° view.


Included are the Strom laser cut roll cage mounts which offer superior installation variability and angles and are very stable. Currently made for a 1.5" or 1.75" diameter roll cage mounting. These offer more flexibility than the Longacre mounts or similar which need adequate space between the roll cage and roof. 

SuperCar Interior Rearview Mirror with STROM Mounts for 1.5" or 1.75" bar

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