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STROM Precision Series E9X/E8X Uprights


The ultimate suspension add-on for lowered E9X and E8x cars. Replaces the original front upright/knuckle and bolts in perfectly to the stock strut, thrust arm, lower control arm, tie rod, wheel bearing and brakes.  Offsets all suspension arms by 30mm and puts them back to factory geometry on a lowered car.


  • Increased front end grip 
  • Eliminates bump steer
  • Allows less camber to be run for better braking performance
  • Improved tire wear
  • Signficantly improved compliance over bumps and smoother ride on street cars


Increases grip, reduces tire wear and even imrpoves the ride in severely lowered cars!


There is such a large amount of info on this product that we made a seperate product page just for it. Head over to our specialized product page to learn all about them.


STROM Precision Series E9X/E8X Uprights

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